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Ski racing can be a complex world and we're here to help you navigate your LSR membership, how to enter races and understand the rules and seed points, as well as some more practical guidance on equipment and ski preparation. 

All trainees must have a profile created on our ClassForKids system - you control you and your child's data! Our coaches will send class specific updates through this system. To access your account on ClassForKids and see information related to your account payments, term dates and to book extra training sessions and camps, follow the link below and log in with your details. NEW 2023 - Class for Kids now have a mobile application which we strongly encourage you to download.

Facebook is one of our main communication channels and all events, updates and results will be posted through this channel, so please do jump online and follow us.

While the information online is useful the best people to speak to are your peers and coaches, from across the entire ski community.

2023/24 Season
Term 1 (Autumn 2023)

Term starts w/c 21/08/2023
October break w/c 15/10/2023 (1 week)
Christmas break w/c 18/12/2023
Term 2 (Winter/Spring 2024)

Term starts w/c 08/01/2024
February break w/c 12/02/2024 (1 weeks)
Term starts w/c 26/02/2024
Easter break w/c 01/04/2024 (2 weeks)
Term starts w/c 15/04/2024
Summer break w/c 24/06/2024





Race Introduction

LSR is a race club and you are strongly encouraged to participate in some form of racing throughout the year. LSR organises four races a year at Hillend that are open to all skiers from all over the country and beyond. These are the Twin Peaks (May/June), Scottish Championships (September), LSR Craig MacFie Classic (October) and LSR Bairns and Lassies (November/December).

There are a number of other races throughout the year on Artificial slopes, Indoor Snow and Alpine races in Scotland and abroad. Races are fun and it is what you have been training for so please make sure you enter some races over the year.  LSR supports as many of these races as possible, sending coaches to support trainees.

Races fall into two categories:

  • Mini/Bairns races U12 category and below which are competed over a “stubby” course and is non-seeded.
  • Seeded races are for competitors in the U14 and older categories. One of the aims of ski racing in seeded races is to improve – i.e. lower your seed points. This gives you a direct comparison versus other racers in your age category. It also gives you a better start in races.  The lower your points the better.

Details of all races, including Entry Forms, can be found at http://www.gbski.com/. It is important to familiarise yourself with this website as you will refer to it many times!

Also keep up to date with Scottish Schools races at http://www.sssa.com. Find out who organises the ski teams at your school and make sure they have your name!

Entering Races

Entering a Ski Race

All races are found on www.gbski.comwww.snowsportscotland.org or will be updated on the LSR calendar. We will send out emails to inform you when entries are open for LSR races at Hillend.

Please try and compete in races when you feel ready. This can be on outdoor artificial slopes, indoor snow slopes (eg. Braehead) and outdoor snow slopes – home and abroad. Please make sure you enter in your correct age category. If you have any questions ask any coach.

Note it is your responsibility to enter races. Some races have limited spaces available or may not allow late entries.

In order to race you must be registered with Snowsport Scotland (U14 and older) to get your competitor registration number. You are not allowed to compete in a race without this. This will cost you an annual membership fee to Snowsport Scotland. If you are a U10/12 you can join Snowsport Scotland for free and have a competitor registration number, but it is not strictly necessary. Your competitor registration number will be a 5-digit number beginning with a “3”.

Race Insurance: If you are a member of LSR and competing in the UK then you are covered by LSR. For races abroad it is important that you have your own insurance even if you are just race training. If you have a winter insurance policy already, it is worth checking this covers races and race training. This is quite specific and the standard polices do not always cover this.

LSR Race Fees: LSR organises three races at Midlothian Snowsports Centre each year (in addition to our own internal Club events) which are open to racers from across the UK. The entry fees for these races are set periodically by the LSR Treasurer in conjunction with the race organisers and should be paid in advance of the race. Fees are set at a level to cover the cost of running the race. They include uplift, use of practice slope and race slope and hire of equipment from Midlothian Snowsports Centre when required.

Please note that race entry fees cannot be paid by cash or cheque on race day.

Seed Points

Seed points only apply for U14’s and older, with everyone starting on 999.99 points.

You will have a separate set of seed points for different surfaces.

BASS – Snow races, you will have different points for SL, GS and SG.

oBARTS – Outdoor artificial slopes

iBARTS – Indoor snow

Calculating seed points is based on your race time against the winner of that race, with an applied penalty. So, if you do well in a race against someone with low points, then your ranking is improved significantly.

Seed lists are updated several times a year and can be seen on www.gbski.com

FIS racers have their own set of points.

Age Categories

Age categories change each year, transitioning between April and May.

The age categories for the current season (April 2021 - April 2022) are as follows:

U8 - 2016 and later
U10 - 2014 and 2015
U12 - 2012 and 2013
U14 - 2010 and 2011
U16 - 2008 and 2009
U18 - 2006 and 2007
U21 - 2003 to 2005
SEN - 1994 to 2002
MAS - 1993 and older

U12 and below are non-seeded.

U14/16 compete in Children’s Races.

U18 and above compete in FIS races (Federation International du Ski) if they have a FIS licence (snow only).

Please make sure that you tick the correct age category box on the Race Entry Form or your entry might be invalid.

Race Day

Races can only go ahead with considerable amount of hard work from the LSR Committee and volunteers. If you wish to help, please offer to shadow an experienced official.

If you are interested in committing further, Snowsport Scotland runs courses designed to explain different roles on race days - eg. Starter, Finish Marshall, Gate Judge, Time Keeper, etc.

If you are interested in helping please contact LSR at race@lothianskiracing.co.uk.

Prior to race day make sure that your racer has been booked for Race Support. This means they will be looked after by one of our LSR Coaches.

After your racer has crossed the finish always check protocol, to see if they have been disqualified, even if they think they have had a clean run. If a mistake has been made, you can challenge this decision, together with your coach.

Ski Preparation

Ski preparation is a major element of ski racing, once you start using a pair of fully prepared skis you will never want to use a pair of unprepared skis again.

Every person who prepares has their own preferences and quirks, so no two people are exactly the same. As a result, it is strongly recommended that you learn to prepare your own skis, instead of relying on others or shops to do so. If you are young we suggest your parents either do your skis for you or assist you.

To help LSR Performance Coach Paul Henderson has prepared the following guide to assist you in getting started on your ski preparation journey. We encourage you to speak to your peers and coaches as you continue to learn. LSR, with the assistance of Alpine Imports, runs ski preparation tutorials throughout the year.

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