About LFA

Lothian Freestyle Academy (LFA), based at Hillend, was conceived in 2021 following the completion of the new jump slope. 

Brought to life by keen freestyle coaches who work at Hillend, aiming to use the facilities to the best of their ability and creating a place where freestyle and freeride skiers/boarders can excel.

LFA is combining with the long and well established LSR to make everything as seamless as possible, while LFA gets its feet and starts delivering first class freestyle coaching.

LFA Coaching Team

Blair Fraser

Coaching Qualifications: IASI Freestyle Level 2, IASI Ski Instructor Level 2, IASI Ski Instrcutor Tech & Teach Level 3, BASI Snowboard Coach Level 1, GB Skateboard Coach Level 1 and First Aid.

Club Affiliations: LFA, ATC & 3style

Freestyle Background: Snowsport Scotland Future Sessions Freestyle Coach, Instructor Training for European Snowsports, Member of GB Wakeboard Team & Foxlake Adventures Summer Coach

Likes: Freestyle (Ski & Board), Wakeboarding, Ice Skating & Mountain Biking

Favourite Skier/Boarder: Shane McConkey

Alastair Nasymth

Coaching Qualifications: UKCP L2 (Licenced), SnowSport Scotland Development Coach L4, BASI Snowboard ISTD L4, BASI Alpine L1, BASI International Mountain Safety, First Aid

Club Affiliations: LFA & SSS

Freestyle Background: Para Snowboard SSS Coach and GBS, Freestyle Coach Onyx Snowboarding and Freedom Snowboarding & Park Shaper Nevis Range.

Likes: Snowboarding, Splitboarding, Skateboarding & Wakeboarding

Favourite Skier/Boarder: Arthur Longo, Brenna Huckaby

Rory Deasy

Coaching Qualifications: BASI Alpine L1, UKCP L1 (Licensed), UKCP L1 Freestyle (Licensed) and First Aid

Club Affiliations: LSR and LFA

Likes: Ski Racing - Alpine + Freetsyle and Mountain Biking

Favourite Ski Racer: Dave Ryding

LFA Training Sessions

We are happy to announce that Lothian Freestyle Academy (LFA) is back and will have weekly training throughout the year, the same as LSR.
Due to a couple of events bookings LFA has a slightly delayed start compared to LSR, with things kicking off in early September.  
LFA Training will take place on a Sunday afternoons from 2pm – 3:30pm.  This Sunday slot means there are no clashes with weekly LSR sessions and means that training is not limited by the lack of lighting on the jump slope in winter.
Term 1 - Sunday 11th September 2022 – Sunday 11th December 2022 (excluding 2/10, 4/12 and 18/12 for race & 23/10 for October Break) 11-week block
Term 2 - Sunday 15th January 2023 – Sunday 2nd April 2023 (excluding 19/2 for February Break) 11-week block
Term 3 - Sunday 30th April 2023 – Sunday 25th June 2023 (excluding 4/6 and 11/6) 7-week block

Please book using the button below.  If the booking is full please add your name to the waitlist as we will try and get an extra group/coach if number allow.

Important Extra Information
  • Booking is for each term and is a fixed subscription for that number of sessions, the same as LSR.  Due to the way sessions are booked with Hillend we cannot reduce the cost or refund missed sessions. The subscription is the cost of the whole block split up into monthly payments, not the cost of that specific month’s sessions.
  • Please note that all LFA trainees must be a member of LSR to attend LFA training.  The LSR Membership covers you for insurance as well as a host of other things.  The LSR Membership runs from August 2022 to August 2023.  If you are already a member of LSR 22/23 you do not need to pay membership twice.
  • Unlike LSR there is no entry assessment for LFA, all those who book on are expected to be at a level where they can competently control speed and turn from the top of Hillend.  This is the equivalent of level 5/6+ at Hillend.  LFA coaches reserve the right to end the training of anyone who books on but does not meet this level, no refunds can be given if this happens and the coaches decision is absolute.
  • Age limit is 8-21 years. 7 year olds will be considered on a case by case basis, but parents must not the point above.
  • Helmets and back protectors are mandatory for all LFA training.


If you ever have any queries for us, please direct them to LSR Head Coach Callum Henderson or LSR Membership Secretary Charlotte Farish, who will reach out the those in LFA.

LSR Head Coach
Callum Henderson
LSR Memberhsip Secretary
Charlotte Farish


All freestyle sports come with an aspect of risk that cannot be avoided. These activities are inherently dangerous, but the risks can be managed and reduced. We prioritise the development of a safe and respectful understanding of park and mountain etiquette, with an emphasis on the importance of stretching and warm-up/cool-down laps. Participants will develop an ability to be safe, look out for themselves and look out for each other before leaving their comfort zone.