LSR Additonal Training

LSR runs a whole host of additional training out with its main 30-weeks of training at Hillend. 

This includes fitness camps, fitness sessions, training at other dry slopes, Scottish Championships training, Craig MacFie Classic training, Twin Peaks training, Bairns and Lassies Training, Snow Dome training (days and camps), Scottish snow training...the list goes on. 

It adapts all the time so keep an eye on it.

These additional training sessions will be posted here but for more information please visit the LSR Facebook Events page.

LSR Pre-Scottish Championship Training

LSR have secured a dedicated session of gate training at Hillend prior to the Scottish Dryslope Championships.

We will use this training as LSR Pre-Scottish Championship Training, bringing the first red start ramps out to simulate Firpark. Timing will be up, and we will be hammering gates/stubbies for the full 90mins!!

If the Scottish Dryslope Championships is cancelled, for any reason, this training session will still go ahead.

Training is open to all LSR Members 2020/21 up to the age of 17years old.  

Training date and times are a follows:
  • Saturday 31st October 17:00 - 18:30

All spaces are first come first served and are non-refundable, so please check carefully before you commit to a session. You MUST be a LSR MEMBER 2020/21.

90min session is £20 per trainee.

Payment for this camp must be made at point of booking using online payment only. Your space will not be confirmed until this payment has been received.

If you have any queries please email

LSR Fitness Training

Snowsport Scotland in conjunction with Edinburgh College are offering LSR Trainees the opportunity to take part in fitness classes for ski racers.

These fitness sessions are not organised or run by LSR, but are available to LSR Trainees if you wish to partake.

Sessions for August - October 2020 are finished.  Updates will follow on up an coming sessions.

Each session is £5 per athlete and is payable to Ross Gardner.

Open to LSR Members 20/21.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining give us a shout at and we can point you in the right direction.

LSR Braehead Training

LSR are hoping to offer ad-hoc sessions throughout the year through at SnowFactor Braehead.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation no dates have been set in concrete but hopefully we will have more info for you in the coming weeks/months.

This will be separate to the LSR Braehead Indoor Training camps.

More details and booking to follow!!


LSR Scottish Snow Training

LSR is planning on running LSR Scottish Snow Training during the winter months of 2020/2021 (snow dependant).

We will also be looking to provide LSR Race Support at the Scottish snow races as well as all the indoor and dry slope races as we normally do.

This will be fleshed out more as we progress towards the end 2020 and into winter season, but will be focused on providing the best training we possibly can on Scottish Snow.

We are looking to primarily train at Glenshee Ski Centre and have already been speaking to them.

Provisionally this will run from January to April 2021, though if the snow comes early we shall get straight on it in 2020.

We have the coaches, we have the kit, we have the plan, all we need is the trainees and some snow.


LSR Private Training

LSR is more than happy to provide one, two or three on one coaching sessions at Hillend or across Scotland throughout the year.  

The Hillend sessions have to be booked through the ski centre as a standard private lesson.  However, you can request specific LSR coaches and we are more than happy to facilitate the organisation of these sessions.  The cost for these sessions will be Hillend charges only, no additional cost is incurred.

Sessions across Scotland are subject to whatever your needs are and coach availability.  Please note that depending on location, etc. cost will be bespoke for each session, though we will make it as cost effective as possible.

Drop an email to if you want more information or are wanting to organise something.


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